Tembe Elephant Park Safari

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Tembe Elephant Park Safari, Tembe Elephant Park – Guided Game Drives NEAR Kosi Bay, South Africa.

Tembe Elephant Park Safari Breakdown:

Cost: R1150 per person. Please note that we need a minimum of 4 guests to go out.

Duration: 5 hours.

Meeting time: 6am or 1pm.

Included: Fully qualified and experienced safari guide with open game drive vehicle. Reserve entrance fees. Coffee/tea will be served in the park. 

What to bring: Camera, binoculars, jacket in winter and happy vibes.

Meeting point: Tembe Elephant Park entrance gate.

Elephant drinking water, seen on a Tembe Elephant Park safari

What can you expect to see on your Tembe Elephant Park Safari?

Tembe Elephant park boast with the only indigenous population of African Elephant in our province. This specific genetic group are known to be some of the largest elephant in Africa also carrying some of the largest tusks. 

In order not to disappoint our visiting guests, our trips are sold with a big focus on elephant sightings.  

The Tembe Elephant reserve is also home to an amazingly beautiful population of buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, rhino, suni, wild dogs and zebra. Sightings of these special animals are seen as a bonus and add to the magic of your day.

Even on days when sightings are slow, our guests are generally amazed by the incredible trees and unique sand forest that are specific to the area.

Tembe lion sighting on Tembe Elephant Park Safari

Facts about Tembe Elephant park:

Tembe Elephant Park was proclaimed in 1983 and is 30000 hectares in size. The landscape is made up of ancient ocean floor. Undulated sand dunes which are orientated in a north-south direction are interspersed with depressions with high clay content in certain areas. These clay rich depressions form perennial pans in the rainy season that are continually deepened by elephant and other wildlife species.

Tembe is situated in the Maputaland Centre of Endemism with at least 15 different vegetation types identified. The centre is at the southern end of the tropics in Africa where many tropical species have the southernmost part of their ranges. 

Your guide will not only focus on the larger game that get seen, but also on educating about the ecology and the importance of preserving this magic area. 

Tembe Elephant Reserve private safaris

What to bring with on your Tembe Elephant Reserve Safari

For your Tembe Elephant Park Safari, you will meet our experienced guide at the reserve entrance gate. Your vehicle can be parked inside the reserve at the reception ablutions. 

Here you will hop onto our safari vehicle to go relax and experience what Tembe has to offer. Please remember to bring a jacket in the cooler months as it can get a little chilly in the early mornings and late afternoons. Refreshments and coffee/tea is provided but you are welcome to bring your own snacks/refreshments too.

Remember your camera with charged batteries and binoculars.  

Leopard on Tembe Elephant Park Safari

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