Terms And Conditions

Safari And Surf Wilderness Adventures

Terms And Conditions

* All our tours are weather, sea and tide dependent. Snorkeling shall only be undertaken if the sea condition and tides are favorable. Large swell, strong winds and currents and other weather conditions (storms, heavy rain etc.), could make both land and water based activities unsuitable. In such an event, the Tour may be cancelled and a full refund made.
* All activities and tours depart on time and no refunds will be considered if a guest arrives late and miss the scheduled departure time.
* All guests agree to heed and adhere to the warnings and safety instructions given by our guides prior to an activity.
* Boarding any of the Safari and Surf (Pty) Ltd kayaks (SUP’s)/ surfboards or vehicles and undertaking any of our activities or tours is at the sole discretion of the ticket holder who assumes all risk in and to her/his voluntary admission on the relevant activity for the full duration of the adventure, tour or excursion.

*Safari and Surf (Pty) Ltd, it’s owners, managers, drivers, guides or employees will not accept any responsibility for claims in respect of death, injury or illness, sustained or suffered by any person and/or theft, loss or damage to property whatsoever occurring within the area or from the use of the vessel or vehicles operated during an adventure, excursion or tour.

Sunset safari in St Lucia

Cancellation Policy

In the event a Guest cancels a Tour, the following cancellation fees shall apply: –

The Client accepts that these cancellation terms are reasonable and fair.
We require written email confirmation for all cancellations.
Cancelled more than 60 days prior to arrival: 10% of the full charge
Cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival: 25% of the full charge
Cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival: 50% of the full charge
Cancelled less than 7 days prior to arrival: 90% of the full charge

Any cancellation will incur a 5% of the tariff as an administration fee regardless of when cancelled.

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