Kosi Bay Snorkeling

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Snorkeling at Kosi Bay Mouth, iSimangaliso Wetland Park – Guided Kosi Mouth Snorkeling Tours in the famous “Kosi Aquarium”.

Kosi Mouth Snorkeling Tour Breakdown:

Cost: R330 per person.

Duration: 2 hours.

Meeting time: To be announced on booking.

Included: Snorkel, fins, mask, cup of coffee/tea or hot chocolate.

What to bring: Towel, sunblock, food/drinks if you gona stay for the day and happy vibes.

Meeting point: Kosi mouth parking area.

Not included: Entrance fees into iSimangaliso Wetland Park and wetsuit hire. Wetsuits available at R100 p/p. Please note that you need to collect your reserve entrance permit from your lodge reception or the Ezemvelo office at 3rd Lake.

Where can you snorkel in Kosi bay?

Kosi Bay Mouth in the far north eastern corner of South Africa, offers a unique and world class snorkeling experience!

Our snorkeling tours are conducted by highly experienced marine guides within the mouth section of the Kosi bay estuary.

The systems freshwater needs are fed by groundwater and clear river systems from sand catchments. Together with the subtropical location, away from muddy river mouths, the water clarity when snorkeled on the correct tide is fantastically clear!

With every pushing tide, clear nutrient rich water push into the calmness of the bay. Here an ancient sandstone reef form our perfect snorkeling area.

Kosi bay Snorkeling

Why snorkel with our experienced snorkeling guides?

At Kosi bay mouth the quality of your snorkeling experience hugely depends on snorkeling at the exact correct tide and place to avoid strong currents and to have the best visibility that the day will offer.

When snorkeling at Kosi bay mouth on the wrong tide the water will be green as the water will be flowing out of the system to the ocean and when snorkeling when the tide is pushing too hard, the current will be too strong to snorkel comfortably.

We will arrange to meet you at the perfectly ideal time to give you the best Snorkeling conditions that the given day will offer.

Snorkeling in the Kosi bay aquarium

What can you expect to see on our Kosi bay Snorkeling Adventure?

We often refer to our snorkeling tours at Kosi bay mouth as an experience “snorkeling with dragons”. As experienced guides, not many destinations keep us as entertained and amazed as Kosi bay mouth!

We always see something totally unexpected, sightings that can very easily be overlooked by the non experienced eye..

Highlights include Ghost and Double-ended pipefish, Stone and Scorpion fish, Paperfish, Flutemouth, Blue pete, Zigzag sand wrasse, Honeycomb stingray, Morey eels, Lionfish, Whitespotted rockcod, Dusky cherub, Emperor angelfish, Queen coris, Crescent-tail wrasse, Bluebarred parrotfish, Piano blenny, Spotted grunter, River snapper and lots more!

On average our marine guides will point out about 80-100 different species of fish!

Snorkel tours at Kosi bay mouth

After the briefing our guide will go introduce you to the magical underwater beauty of Kosi bay mouth! We suggest that you follow him and look at what he is pointing out as his experience in the water will increase your sightings hugely..


After your time in the water you will return with your guide to the briefing area for a lovely cup of coffee/ tea or hot chocolate whilst identifying all your sightings in our fish id books.

Warning about Snorkeling at Kosi Bay Mouth!

If you are planning on snorkeling at Kosi Bay, please be very careful not to stand or touch the reef. The reason for this is to prevent standing or accidently touching one of the dangerous species found in the snorkeling area. 

Kosi mouth is home to a large number of Lionfish, Scorpionfish and the most venomous fish in our ocean, the Stonefish!

These fish are all fascinating to see and our guides will point them out to you.   

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